Brand Introduction

Méro meaning “Mine” in Marwari denotes a sense of belongingness. Belongingness to the world, belongingness to their handcrafted designs.

Mero has now come up with everyday delicate wear jewellery that does not only compliment you but represents the beautiful you as well. 

They solidify their strength of precession bestowing heartfelt experiences to wherever they go. They make their jewellery in pure 92.5 up-cycled silver. They choose to be ethical, fair, and responsible in all of their practices.

Brand Introduction


Bougainvillea crafts and retails responsibly made clothing for conscious living. Just as the namesake, the flower Bougainvillea, they are global, unassuming, and relatable in spirit.

They consciously choose to push towards sustainability and longevity not only in terms of the material but also design that will last beyond trends.

All fabrics come from an environment that respects the planet; working directly with craftsmen to ensure their maximum benefit. They choose to be ethical, fair, and responsible in all of their practices.

Color grace.png

Brand Introduction

Color grace started as a passion project for the love of handmade merchandise as well as colorful illustrations.

With wanting to highlight your home with colorful yarns and various needle techniques made with an extra stitch of love as the most unique yet personalized home decor for you.


They ensure to bring in your personality as aesthetic to your home decor. Attention to detail for your merchandise is made with dedication and extra care by a single pair of hands to ensure that your perception is on point. Every single thread, color, and design is carefully chosen to portray your vision in real life.

Brand Introduction

ZI is a hand-embroidered art jewelry label from India.


Their designs are contemporary, and sure to add charm to any outfit. From 9-to-5 to weekend wear, their pieces make for great conversation starters.


Intricate hand-embroidered beads, aesthetic motifs, and a general sense of being statement while still being subtle is ZI's USP.

ZI logo.jpg
Logo claydition.png

Brand Introduction

Claydition innovates ways to produce sustainable jewelry and envisions to accessorize the world with a cause to support mental health. All of their products are designed and handmade with love in Finland.


The owner with her brand ensures to produce unique, fascinating, and sassy designs. Going down the lane Claydition aims to release an exclusive catalog made of different types of clay.

With the owner personally falling prey to mental health issues herself, the brand has taken up a vow to support organizations that help in overcoming these issues by donating a share of its profits to them.  In the future, the brand aspires to predominantly employ and empower those with mental health issues.